Red Elephant follows the strategy to finance, build and operate distribution channels in India. Our company has developed a unique project design and is investing in a large network and a comprehensive portfolio selection.

It is Red Elephant´s strategy to grow more aggressively and invest in service, brand building activities and the acquisition of new premium brands as well its own brand (“Red Elephant”). Consolidation in the industry is expected to continue in an effort to make retailers sufficiently capitalized and increase their reach, thereby further strengthening the Indian market. Currently Red Elephant is focusing on India as the country offers a wide range of opportunities to capitalize from the retail sector with about average growth potential in an environmental friendly way.

Red Elephant’s comprehensive selection offers not just the right product for any target group but also meets the costumers’ requirements of quality, safety and state-of-the-art technology. In this particular way Red Elephant establishes costumer loyalty and long-term growth rates. More than a decade of experience with the Indian market, a wide network with different industry officials and the successful growth story with Red Elephant in the past 2 years are making Dr. Weber, the director of the company, to an expert of the Indian market with detailed market knowledge.