Who we are

Red Elephant has started selling a wide range of power tools, stationary tools, electronical devices and consumer articles in India from 2010 onwards. Currently Red Elephant is active in leading industrialized states of India and is representing...

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Our Vision

Red Elephant follows the strategy to finance, build and operate distribution channels in India. Our company has developed a unique project design and is investing in a large network and a comprehensive portfolio selection...

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Our Partners

Red Elephant is continuously looking for new sustainable partnerships. To guarenatee future growth our company focuses not only on our steadily expanding product portfolio and distribution channels but also on the collaboration with ...

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February 2014
November 2013
November 2013

A selected product portfolio of Wolcraft GmbH is now available throught the distribution channels of Red Elephant. Wolcraft is Germany's best known DIY-brand for handtools and additionally offers a wide range of accessories.
November 2013

Red Elephant has started a collobartion with its new partner esuplly.in. Through the online plattform www.esupply.in the company is selling a wide range of power tools, accessories and electronics. esupply.in intends to become a leading e-commerce plattform for high-end DIY-products.